Breaking Barriers is a new punk and post punk festival based in Belgium on November 11th and 12th.

To be held in Leuven near Brussels the festival looks like big and ambitious affair with a great line up with the Damned, Discharge, and the Membranes  and Hard Skin already announced and many more announcements to come (we’ve seen the list – some great stuff planned!)
More information and tickets from the Breaking Barriers website.

Breaking Barriers is a 2 day festival organised by Het Depot to celebrate the first 40 years of punk’s 5000-years lifespan. In 1976 many protested against the threat of war and the danger of nuclear annihilation, against unemployment and the economic crisis, against the growing pollution of the environment, against authoritarian governments and against the violence of rightwing extremist militias. In 2016 the situation has slightly changed, but hasn’t really improved.

According to some, punk is dead. According to others, the planet itself is dying. When the punks developed their agressive style to raise the matter of some of society’s problems, they were blamed to be cynical pessimists. While the new generation of chart topping hits producing stars is blatantly ignoring the same problems, they are applauded for their musical talent. Maybe it’s time for a discussion on what relevance really means.

This festival will not make the world a better place, but it will offer everybody a chance to see bands that don’t blindly follow the masses and that dare to put their musical preferences before their career planning.

The official festival takes place on Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 12th 2016. During both days the stage of Het Depot will be overrun by a whole range of domestic and foreign specialists in recalcitrance. Below one can find a summary of all bands participating in this general deviation of class or elegance as well as a time schedule.

On Thursday the 10th of November, the evening before the festival, a number of pre-festival events will take place at various locations throughout the inner city of Leuven. This offers everybody the opportunity to warm up for the even bigger events during the weekend. An outline can be found under ‘Pre-events’.

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