Brazil’s Controversial New “Ostentatious Funk” Music Scene See’s 20yr Old Rapper Shot Live On StageOriginating from the edgy clubs of Sao Paulo comes Brazil’s new rap / funk crossover of “Ostentatious Funk”. This already controversial scene has now caught the attention of the world with the horrific live shooting and murder of one of its leading artists, MC Daleste. Louder Than War’s Carl Stanley reports.

The 20 year old whose real name was Daniel Pellegrine was shot in the abdomen while performing live on stage on July 6th at a public building in the neighbourhood of San Martin of Sao Paulo. Rushed to a nearby hospital the MC died early Sunday morning. Police have stated the video’s taken of the shooting will be used in their investigation as they carry on looking for Pellegrine’s killer.

Though it’s not like MC Daleste was a popular figure with the police as the artist’s controversial lyrics included lines about killing police. On his track “Apologia” he raps “killing the police is our goal” and recites a list of weapons over the continuous sound of gunfire, yet there’s been no comment from police on this or MC Daleste’s musical references.

‘Ostentatious Funk’, also known as “Sao Paulo” originally came together as an off-shoot from Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Funk Carioca’ scene. A sound which is rooted in impoverished areas of both cities and is recognised for its strong violent conscious messages and sexy groove’s. It’s heavy mix of rap, funk and dance has with out doubt become the party sound of the favela’s and as a music scene it continues to grow.

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