Brains For Breakfast: Brains For Breakfast's new single, Repetition Over AgainRepetition Over Again

(Out Now)

Brains for Breakfast – AKA West Midlands ukelele lover Andrew Webster – is back with a stinging slice of anthemic alt-rock that’ll live up to its title. Sam Lambeth has had this one on repeat.

Repetition is a funny thing. For some, it’s stability, reassurance, comfort. For others, it’s – as Albert Einstein is quoted as saying – “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” However, in the hands of Brains For Breakfast, repetition isn’t either stupid or comforting. It’s electric.

Those in the West Midlands will know Brains For Breakfast well. He is the equivalent of the town troubadour in Gilmore Girls. He’s the street busker, peddling his wares with a ‘hello’ and a harmonica. He appears on stages of all sizes, supporting people as disparate as Lemar and Shane Ritchie.

As a live performer, BFB is known for a cheeky grin, some clever couplets and his faithful ukelele. A few seconds into his new single and things seem the same. The uke is being plucked, old Mr Brains has got his raspy raps ready…same as it ever was. But then things change. Repetition Over Again erupts into an uplifting indie anthem. Playful and melodic, electric guitars chug merrily over BFB’s wondrous growl. Its buoyant riffs and laidback rap recalls the sun-drenched ditties of Third Eye Blind or Lit.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” BFB sighs during the song’s reflective, calmer outro. “Positivity leads the way.” Truer words have never been spoken, and this sentiment will help Brains For Breakfast go a very long way indeed.

Brains For Breakfast is on Facebook.


All words by Sam Lambeth. Sam is a Birmingham-based journalist and musician. More of his work for Louder Than War is available on his archive. His music can be found on Spotify.


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