Bozchestra release soundtrack to film that doesn’t exist



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Bozchestra combine violin, farfisa and piano to make their unmistakable musical imprints on this collection of soundtracks – soundtracks to films which only exist in the imagination of the listener.

‘Films In Music’ is a continuation of the work started by Boz Hayward with his 2013 Video Jam collection Shortscores. While that album used short films by independent filmmakers as its starting point, this time Hayward has written the music as stand-alone pieces and his long-standing collective of musicians – bozchestra – have brought them to life. He combines instruments in unique and pleasurable ways to deliver perfect vignettes. Bill Frisell, Ennio Morricone, John Barry and Anton Karas are all called to mind but Boz also adds a subtle flavour of Manc post-punk melancholia to the mix.

‘There’ll Always Be Strangeness’ is a James Bond theme in waiting, ‘Wounded Knee’ is a sombre and respectful reflection on the fateful historical massacre, ‘Jazzster’ fades in and out on a jaunty, trumpet-led late summer evening stroll whilst ‘The Other Song’ ushers in voices but wordlessly, as instruments. Like signature tunes to movies that do not yet exist, each has a different mood and all combine to deliver a memorable 45 minute sonic, cinematic experience which you just want to set to repeat.


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  1. Virginia Harvey

    Manchester’s finest all in one place. Beautiful Boz. Thank you :) xx

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