Boy About Town by Tony Fletcher Released in Paperback

Tony Fletcher’s’ Boy About Town: A Memoir’ is published as a paperback edition today. Focusing on the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, a special period in music for so many, the book has proved hugely popular and now has a dedicated website and forum. See our review of the book here.

As Tony himself says, the book is:

“…in a bright yellow jacket, courtesy of Windmill Books. It looks great. No, really, trust me, it does. And I never thought I’d be able to say this about one of my books, but it’s small enough to fit into your jacket pocket to read on the train. Hell, take it to the beach; it will blend in with the sunshine.

“By rights, Boy About Town should be available from all good book shops. Failing that, you can order the paperback edition – for £8.99 downwards – from all the major online stores via this link at Random House. And you can order the eBook for all eReaders, for just £5.98, via this link at Random House. Do support your local indie shop where possible.

“Please come visit the new Boy About Town website, which includes The Countdown, with excerpts from each chapter and accompanying YouTube videos, and The Community, where you can share your thoughts not just about the book, but about the era. (You will have to pre-register but we tried to make it easy.) I remain active elsewhere on social media – see the buttons below”

Tony will be speaking to Louder Than War again (see his first interview with us here) about Boy About Town and related issues in the near future.

You can follow Tony on Twitter where he uses the handle @tonyfletcher & on Facebook

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