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Daryl Easlea: Without Frontiers, The Life & Music of Peter Gabriel – Book Review

Daryl Easlea updates his in depth biography that analyses the life and music of Peter Gabriel.

Into The Void: Nick Power – book review

Nick Power’s book Into The Void, which covers The Coral's on tour antics between 2016-2017. Matt Mead reviews the book for Louder Than War.

Greg Healey: Not In Front of the Children, Hidden Histories in Kids’ TV – Book Review

Greg Healey: Not in Front of the Children: Hidden Histories in Kids’ TV

David Stubbs: Mars by 1980: The Story of Electronic Music – book review

Stubbs' other great achievement is his complete lack of musical snobbery which can be apparent in many a book about a specific genre. He writes as lovingly and precisely about the works of Miles Davis as he does Fatboy Slim never comparing their inherent, or lack of, "greatness" instead just placing them as pieces in the giant puzzle that is the story of electronic music and one which has pieces being added every second of every day. Essential reading.

Rosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead? – book review

Aside the more obvious age old questions, Rosie Wilby comes up with a throught or two on the question: Is Monogamy Dead?

Devo: The Brand / Devo: Unmasked – book review

DEVO: THE BRAND / DEVO: UNMASKED Rocket 88 Books Devo are the oddball American electronic/punk pioneers renowned for their quirky songs, quirkier  costumes and outlandish stage performances. Matt...

Rob Young & Irmin Schmidt All Gates Open: The Story of Can – book review

All Gates Open: The Story of Can is the book this most inspiring of groups has long deserved. It is an in-depth look at a group forged via the one simple desire to create a musical art form unlike any other never shying away from influences but instead of taking and copying them they absorbed them and transformed them into a new musical language.

Nick Coleman: Voices – book review

Nick Coleman's Voices: How A Great Singer Can Change Your Life gets thoroughly appraised by Howard Male.

Stephen John Hartley: Painting Snails, A Rock & Roll Doctor’s Tale: – Book Review

Painting SnailsPainting Snails, A Rock & Roll Doctor’s Tale by Stephen John Hartley. Dave Jennings reviews, "often hilarious and at times inspirational".

James Rhodes: Fire On All Sides – album and book review

James Rhodes documents his concert tour at the back end of 2016, its music, and the management of his insurgent, pyromaniac subconscious.

Our Future: Vol 1, Issue 2 – zine review

Our Future is a single-issue fanzine attempting to rehabilitate the infamous Discharge LP, Grave New World.

THE ARTWAVE OF 2004-2007 – Book Snippet

I shall be doing just that, and am currently working on a book on the arty, interesting side of music in 2004-2007.





FME Festival, Quebec – live review

FME Festival Quebec, Canada 29 August - 1 September 2019 FME offers a crash course in Quebec’s...

Fear Of Rock! Why is mainstream media still confused by rock?

Time to defy the critic canon! Time to not only tear up the envelope but throw the envelope away and seek new horizons and new forms

Tool ‘Fear Inoculum’ : album review

9/10 for first album for 13 years for post genre genius band who dark and powerful visions touch the mind and the soul.

Grade 2: Tired Of It – video exclusive and interview

The Isle of Wight trio, Grade 2, recently signed to Hellcat Records, give Louder...

Have a Cigar – Bryan Morrison – book review

Bryan Morrison Have a Cigar Out: Sept 2019 Quiller Publishing Have a Cigar is the memoir of polo-playing...