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Andy T: Life At Tether’s End – book / cd review

To conclude, this is a really nifty little combination, and does so much more than it says on the tin.

‘Jimi Hendrix: Interviews and Reviews 1967-71’ – Book Review

' excellent document of the career of Jimi Hendrix as it unfolded and without any later hype and hysteria.'

The Art Of Punk by Russ Bestley & Alex Ogg – book review

This is not a book for casual punk-fans – it’s a full-on anorak, collector-scum bible!

Neil Young: Waging Heavy Peace – book review

Neil Young has, for many years, been a mysterious and elusive figure within the world of rock. In Waging Heavy Peace he shares the long and eventful story of his life, but not in the manner which you may initially expect.

God’s Lonely Men: Pete Haynes – book review

Gods Lonely Men: Pete Haynes - book review

MudSharks: Dave Barbarossa – book review

Percussion legend Dave Barbarossa turns his hand to fiction with successful results.

A Vicious Love Story: Teddie Dahlin – book review

A Vicious Love Story: Teddie Dahlin - book review

Access One Step & The Man Who Killed The Hamsters – book reviews

An essential read for any Manc post-punk fan and pretty indispensable for people like me who’ve never set foot in the city.

Peter Hook ‘Unknown Pleasures’ – book review

Hooky spills the beans on Joy Division

Fifty Shades of Black – A Soundtrack For The Years Bestselling Book

Obviously the darker stuff is the selling point, but in reality it\'s about as dark as putting a pouting Cheryl Cole in a rubber dress and dominatrix heels for a photo-shoot.

Spannered by Bert Random – book review.

So it makes it all the more surprising that Spannered is such a joy to read.

Hugo Tate by Nick Abadzis – book review

He reminds us that life is tough and life is exhausting but we can survive and, with a bit of luck, thrive....





DIIV: SWX, Bristol – live review

DIIV SWX, Bristol 22nd February 2020 Shoegazers DIIV kick off their UK tour behind their new album...

Les Amazones D’Afrique ‘AMAZONES POWER’ : album review ‘5 star release from Mali of modern African women empowering pop’

This is no retro world music exercise though but thoroughly modern 21st-century pop record and so it should be. Music should never be made for musicologists and Les Amazones D'Afrique combination of homespun melody and modern urban pop is stunningly effective.

X Ray Cat Trio ‘Love, Blood & Monsters’ – album review

X Ray Cat Trio 'Love, Blood & Monsters' (Buzzards Claw Records / Trash Wax...

Raining in the Mountain – film review

Raining in the Mountain (1979) Director: King Hu Cast: Feng Hsu, Sun Yueh, Shih Chun Run time:...

Scandal – film review

Scandal (1989) Director: Michael Caton-Jones Cast: Joanne Whalley, John Hurt, Bridget Fonda, Ian McKellen Run time: 115...