Saturday, October 16, 2021
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INTERVIEW! Punkie night, happening on Halloween at Cecil Sharp House explain their English folk event

English folk and dance event. You can book your place on one of the Punkie Night workshops here 

The Missing Horrors : hour long sound work with lee Perry, Cosey Fanni Tutti, The Pop Group, Wire and many others

contributions from Cosey Fanni Tutti, Pop Group maverick Mark Stewart, reggae toaster Prince Hammer, Colin Newman and Graham Lewis of Wire, vocalist Sheila Ellis, members of Fat White Family, Minimal Compact, 23 Skidoo

Simon Gallup back in The Cure

Simon Gallup back in The Cure Iconic Cure bassist Simon Gallup appears to be back...

New Book Celebrates 50 Years of Punk Drumming

This collection is designed to shine a spotlight on the thrashing, crashing hearts of our favorite punk bands as selected by each contributor. The perspectives and opinions on punk drumming shared in these pages are directly from people who love and respect it

The Brothers Steve: Dose – album review

The Brothers Steve - Dose Big Stir CD/DL Released 15 October 2021 New 10 track album by power...