Last week Bono was the richest rock star in the world, this week he has lost 340 million dollars on the shock Facebook shares crash. Facebook – the social networking company that a mere few days ago was at the top of the game, lost a fortune on the shares and so did one of its biggest shareholders; the U2 singer….

It’s probably not actual real money he’s lost (so we haven’t used a real picture!!) – just speculative paper money but it’s a sign of a weakness in the company.

Interesting story this because it shows a chink in the Facebook armour – are we entering new phase in the internet?

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  1. It isn’t his money. He is an advisor to a fund. The fund has made many multiplies of their initial investment.
    But the fund’s cash is not bono’s

  2. If I remember rightly

    The put in 90 million. It jumps to over a billion . Then drops back to 700 million.

    Not exactly losing money now is it ?

    And he is still a twat.

  3. That’s pretty bad, considering he made less than $10m in the first place.


    • maybe but probably not. He allegedly buys houses all over the country and forgets about them on purpose just to let them grow derelict.

  4. The Rolling Stones next albun is set to be called ‘F**k Face”. Keith Richards say it’s going to be heavier and faster than anything they’ve done, “It’s so aggressive and melodramic. We sound like the Ramones in parts and The Stooges in others”. The band apparently all started doing drugs again and began drinking heavily to get in the right mood to make the album. Punch ups have also been regular including some that have ended in gun fire. The Stones are rocking again after all those years of chilling out in the rock n roll fast lane. Keith’s even got a tattoo on his face now. Says something about the bands intentions,

  5. bono is a piece of shit, he is one of the biggest hypocrites on this planet like that other wanker Geldof, its sad to think that the worst arseholes in music mostly seem to be post punk figures, obviously there were plenty of pre-76 tossers but in my opinion the worst offenders are post punk. Punk wasn’t the start of something great it was the end, as good as, of the great era of rock’n’roll, most music since punk has been utter tosh.


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