bocaBristol hip-hop producer/DJ Boca 45 is set to release a brand new limited edition 7″ single this June. Club Donuts Vol 3 is the latest in the series of super-limited 7″ singles by the turntable wizard.

Consisting of two songs, “Sly Dog / “Vibrations” Club Donuts Vol 3 sees Scott once again sample/slice/dice/mix old tracks creating a whole that is innately funky and joyous. The two tracks work as mirror images of each other with “Sly Dog” more akin to the sunny and psychedelic side of hip-hop whereas “Vibrations” has a steelier, more gritty style taping into the more mechanised funk of Sly & the Family Stone.

‘Club Donuts Vol 3.’ is available to pre-order now via the website  or Juno Records.

There are only 300 copies available with each one individually  stamped & numbered.


Boca 45 can be found via his website  or via Facebook   or Twitter where he tweets as @scottbocakai

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