Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan: tour tickets on sale Monday 12 July at 8pm

Hot news (copy and pasted from Bob Vylans Facebook)


With the homies WITCH FEVER & Zand!!!

We’ve teamed up with Music Venue Trust (and the National Lottery) to help grassroots venues after a hard year and a half. Tickets available Monday 12th July at 8pm from our website AND you can buy one ticket and get a friend in for free if they have a lottery ticket or a scratch card on them.  Don’t gamble if you have a problem, be sensible and know ya limits. Let’s av it!!!

This will be the single most over-subscribed tour this year.  Loads of people are dying to see this band live after the gradual but widespread sharing of the ‘We Live Here’ video and sales of the album.

Bob Vylan are probably the most radical ‘punk band’ for want of a better label, in the UK. ‘ We Live Here’ is arguably one of the most important songs of the past ten years – and LTW started spreading the word back in March 2020.

John Robb interviewed them in June. So did Nigel Carr in December when they topped our Albums of the Year 2020 poll.

The album review itself ended with an Instagram post from the band which started DEAR WHITE PEOPLE! Educate yourselves’ and a reading list (There Ain’t No Black In The Union Jack – Paul Gilroy, The Mis-Education Of The Negro – Carter G. Woodson, The Souls Of Black Folk – Du Bois, The Autobiography of Malcom X, Strength To Love – Martin Luther King, Revolutionary Suicide – Huey P. Newton).

Bob Vylan could well end up being as influential as Huggy Bear or even Crass, as they don’t seem to be a band that will bow to outside pressure to be marketed.

A band with principles they spoke out rather than play on the same bill as Die Antwood.

This tour will sell out in seconds. Tickets go on sale Monday at 8pm according to the Facebook post.  9pm according to the NME!  Do they mean 8am? It definitely says pm. You will have to make your own enquiries to be sure. 

If you are lucky enough to get a ticket. Enjoy every second. And NOT thru the screen of your phone! These will be gigs that should be a defining moment for this generation of rebel-music-fans.

BOB VYLAN IS KILLING PUNK ROCK  / Pray at the Church of Vylan


All words Ged Babey

note – Scots, Welsh, N. Ireland & Irish readers will be pissed off I know – just English dates.  I am certain other dates are in the planning stages.






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