Bob Geldof says Tony Wilson should have a ‘scummy back alley’ named after himThere’s plenty of hair pulling in Manchester this evening after a few off the cuff quotes from Bob geldof about the late Tony Wilson appeared in the local press.


Obviously something must have been said years ago by Tony, let’s face it Tony was very acebric and the Boomtown Rats were one of those bands that got the slag offs more than any other.

The Rats are currently on tour in support of the box set of their six albums which has stood the test of time far better than many expected.


Tony died a few years ago and after years of bitching about him everyone in Manchester finally admitted they loved him really- a turnaround that drove him made in public. Knowing Tony quite well I would imagine these quotes from the Boomtown Rat would have amused him.
The 62-year-old Geldof knew Tony W from years ago and is quoted as saying “He was very vain. He’s in a great tradition of those kind of guys like Andrew Loog Oldham with the Stones, Malcolm McLaren with the Pistols. The articulate extravagant, egocentric type.”

Whilst most of this is quite true and much is what Tony would have said himself it’s the way the quotes are presented that makes it look like some all out war is going on.

And as for calls from admirers of the Tony, who died in 2007, to have a street named after him, Bob has this to say:  “I think a scummy back alley should be named after him. That’s how he would appreciate being remembered.”

We think Sir Bob had his tongue in cheek…

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  1. I loved Michael Hutchence didn’t you? Wonderful man, born rock star. Whatever you thought of his band’s music he had real presence.

    On a not completely unrelated note, the tax affairs of famous people. The kind that don’t give their money away but ask people who work five+ days a week for theirs.

    Patronising bastards the lot of them, as if the working classes who bought their records are so thick that they need to be told the world is fucked up by a celebrity because, well, they just hadn’t noticed yet. Feed The World! Just Not With My Money! You lot can pay while I’ll arse about on telly like I’m doing you a favour by doing so. If you really care, give all your money away, rich man.

    And forcing their ridiculously named offspring on the world? Unforgivable.

  2. From Andy Kershaw’s autobiography…

    My first collision with the strange ways of fame came when I was entertainments secretary at Leeds University in the early Eighties, booking bands and running concerts.

    One day in the student union building I heard a tearing sound and a raised voice. There was a bloke ranting and ripping down a poster for a forthcoming Clash gig. I’d had the posters printed with the words: ‘The return of the world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band.’

    The vandal was Bob Geldof, then singer with the Boomtown Rats, who were to play that night. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ I said.

    ‘World’s ****ing greatest rock ’n’ ****ing roll band, my ****ing a***,’ he explained, scattering drawing pins. I told him to leave the posters alone. This was met with more eloquence from the future spokesman of a voiceless continent and honorary KBE and candidate for populist canonisation.

    That evening, I wanted to hand over the band’s cheque to the tour manager and went looking for him. Geldof, just off stage, flew at me again.

    ‘This is the world’s ****ing greatest ****ing rock ’n’ roll band,’ he snarled. The band looked sheepish. Then he was right in my face, eyes bulging, spraying me with spit. He shoved me in the chest – the band pulled him back. I thanked them, told Geldof he was charmless and paid the manager.


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