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Prior to a UK tour promoting his new album, Tone Poet Vol II, Louder Than War caught up with Derwood Andrews, the original teenage hotshot guitarist who played in Generation X from 1977 – 1979, to check out his ten albums of all time.

Before we pile in with his top 10 albums here’s a bit of history about Derwood…

  • After leaving Generation X he formed Empire who are now credited with inventing Emo (Ian McKaye from Fugazi and Henry Rollins cite Expensive Sound by Empire as being a huge influence on the post hardcore US movement that morphed into Emo). They were also a huge influence on the early Stone Roses – read the Louder Than War appreciation on them here.
  • Following Empire, Derwood formed Westworld and became a pop star on the back of their world wide hit Sonic Boom Boy.
  • Derwood then turned his back on the mainstream music industry and moved out to the Californian Desert to play acoustic-electro country blues inspired by the desert environment.

Derwood is now back playing live again, after almost 20 years, and he is coming to the UK to plug a new solo album out called Tone Poet Vol II.

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Bob ‘Derwood’ Andrews – The Generation X Guitarist – Picks His Top Ten Albums : numbers 1/2

For numbers 3/4 please go here

1. Free – Tons of Sobs

One of the oldest and best albums I have. Released in 1968, Free were a bunch of young Englishmen who shone the light on American blues and made it their own. The huge success came with Bad Company who took the style and formula but lacked the soul and originality, and of course lacked Paul Kossoff and Andy Fraser.

2. T.Rex – Electric Warrior

Marc Bolan, another great English rock ’n’ roller, who came from a ‘spacey acoustic folk’ background but slung on a Les Paul and shook the world with great, poetic, three minute songs.

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