BMG drop Morrissey from labelBMG records have dropped Morrissey from their label. Morrissey’s own website states that the label were looking for more diversity in his rosta and that was the reason. His site also posted this piece of artwork. In the past few years the former Smith has become a controversial figure with many.



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    • He will indeed live on. An increasingly angry and bitter ex-pat raging about how fings ain’t wot they used to be and imagining that everything was better in the nostalgic England that only ever existed in his imagination. Sadly he can’t keep his poisonous views to himself but has to vilify minorities and actively promote a far right party.

  1. You’d think an artist who is far-right-supporting, anti-immigrant and, in many people’s eyes, racist would increase the diversity of most record labels roster …

    • All the misconceptions rolled up into one. He’s definitely uncompromising and doesn’t believe in the platitudes that everyone knows are just that. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, 2+2=5.

  2. Anti-immigration? More like anti-illegals. And the ones not sneaking in don’t want to assimilate and are changing the population for the worst. As for Moz being “racist,” well isn’t that what most of you goons call a white man when he speaks the harsh truth? Yeah, very convenient.

    • So anti-illegals AND anti-legals then cos they make everything worse? I may be jumping to conclusions, but that sounds a tiny bit racist…

    • Demonising “the other” – that’s straight out of the Nazi’s playbook. What difference does it make that he’s white? Promoting a far right party and demonising minorities is what most sane people would characterise as racist. For the record, I’m a white man and that’s my harsh truth. Face it Morrissey is now a sad racist, and that gives me no pleasure to type as I was a massive fan.

  3. Zod Reeve confirming for all of us the calibre of fellow traveller Morrissey has attracted. If one talks like a idiot knuckledragger, knuckledraggers folow you around. No person of intelligence would ever use the word “illegals” as a pejorative (look it up).

  4. Fair play to Moz for speaking his mind and not conforming to the woke liberal stereotype that is expected of pop stars today.

    • Yeah, fair play to Moz for demonising minorities and promoting a far right political party. Were his latent tendencies always there? If so I missed them when I loved The Smiths with a passion. Johnny Marr must despair.


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