William Orbit to produce potential new Blur album?
William Orbit to produce potential new Blur album?


Blur to release 2 new singles?

A twitter rumour possibly started by the band themselves has announced the release of 2 new singles by Blur.

On their own twitter.com/blurofficial the band mysteriously stated the dates and times July 2nd at 6.15 and 7.15 and hashtagged 2 words ‘The Puritan’ and ‘Under The Westway’ in that very modern social media paper trail.


The band have played Under The Westway in various guises this year with Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon debuting the song at the Brit Awards War Child benefit show whilst Damon played an acoustic version of the song at a London poetry festival earlier this year.

There are more clues on twitter with the Puritan being accompanied by a shot of neon lettering and the cryptic phrase ‘hey Puritan what you gonna do about it. Whilst the picture with Under The Westway’ has a picture of the West London road made famous made the Clash with the words ‘bring us the day they switch off the machines’ written on it.


What can it all mean!


Last time we saw Damon Albarn he was doing his quite brilliant Dr Dee thing at the OneFest festival.




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