Blueneck: Epilogue (Denovali/Cargo)
Out 19th Oct

Blueneck have produced an instrumental album that’s a soundtrack (for now at least) for an imaginary film. It has no vocals and as such is a departure from the groups former work. It’s a beautiful sounding record and, like the best soundtracks, the textures of the sound are able to transport you to a different place. Adrian Bloxham has been listening to it for us & below is his review.

A lot of the sound on this album is built from piano notes, with layered synths and chimes built underneath. The occasional burst of noise is a suprise and releases tension rather than building it, as when the drums come in during ”˜Carina’.

There are no vocals, but melodies are picked out in the tracks, for most of the album the aforementioned piano leads, but in ”˜(eta carinae)’ there is a kind of electronic grumbling and lost radio message over the top of the sound landscape. In ”˜Symbiosis ”“ Part 2′ its a guitar melody over the music.

Ths sound itself is layered and built apon to take you somewhere else. It would be complimented with pictures or film but the sound itself moves you.

These songs give a feeling of breathing, there are more positive, warm feelings than dark. Whenever a song goes down the brooding and tense route there is an opening out using a different sound, such as when the piano begins in ”˜Colonization Part 1′, which turns the song from its visions of walking down gloomy alleyways into lifting your face to the sun.

The loudest and traditionally structured song is ”˜Colonization ”“ Part 2′ which has almost a goth guitar and drum feel, very bombastic and open. It’s the most brooding of the album and breaks the sound so far to give a feel of difference and expectation, the hardness dissapating as it fades into feedback and the quiet piano melody echoes over the end.

Blueneck make a sound that is deceptively light. The feel overall of this music is of romance, not dark and brooding, but a wide open space and the meeting of two people in the sunshine. It’s an uplifting and delicate sound. A sound that will draw you in and carry you away. A sound well worth listening to.

Blueneck’s website for further info is here. They are also on Facebook here and are on Twitter here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.


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