Bloodhound Gang Members Face 5 Years In Prison In RussiaThe Bloodhound Gang are in deep trouble in Russia after bass player “Evil” Jared Hasselhoff  put the flag down the front of his trousers, pulled it out from the back and threw it into the crowd at a concert in late July in Ukraine.

The band, may have had their hits in the Uk a few years ago but remeian huge in Europe and in Russia- headlining massive gigs and their controversial hi jinx have landed them in trouble before but this time it’s really serious.

Russia has named two musicians from the Bloodhound Gang as suspects in a criminal case over inciting hatred after a band member stuffed a Russian flag down his trousers.

The incident provoked outrage after videos were posted on YouTube.

Returning from the tour the band were roughed up at the airport in Russia- a country where major headlining bands now have to sign a contract saying they won’t mention the toughening up of the homosexuality laws in recent years from stage and national symbols like flags are taken very seriously even if they are messed around with in neighbouring countries.

Russia’s powerful Investigative Committee said it had opened a criminal probe examining the possible guilt of Hasselhoff, referred to by his real name Jared Hennegan, as well as the band’s vocalist, James Franks.

The committee accused the pair of inciting hatred in an organised group.

If charged and found guilty, they could face up to five years in a penal colony.

Other suspects could be implicated, the committee added.

Bloodhound Gang, founded in 1991, have had hits including The Bad Touch and The Ballad Of Chasey Lain.

The committee said it suspected the men of plotting to carry out acts aimed at “humiliating the human dignity of citizens of Russia”.

Russia’s interior ministry said last month it was investigating whether to charge the men with a lesser offence of desecrating a Russian flag, which carries a maximum jail term of one year.

The Investigative Committee said in the statement that foreigners who do not live in Russia can face criminal responsibility if their crime was directed against the interests of Russia and Russians.

Ukraine last month banned Hennegan from visiting for five years after videos were published on the web of him urinating onstage on a Ukrainian flag.

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  1. So…. they went to Russia, signed this document saying they wouldn’t engage in any protest about the anti gay laws but we’re expected to sympathise about this? Did I get that right?

  2. It seems to me it’s as bad as what it was in Soviet times there now. In fact it’s worse, under Communism the universities used to welcome students from outside their borders (in particular African students) in an effort to show that behind the Iron Curtain they weren’t so bad after all and foreigners that came to study were given extra consideration by officials.

    Now there’s a worrying rise of racial violence and a state-sponsored demonisation of gay people by some members of an increasingly less tolerant society that doesn’t care what the outside world thinks any more.

    Yes the Communist system there was doomed to fail (but then any society that is completely capitalist is also doomed in the same way, a bit of the best bits of both works fine) but it would be wrong to suggest everything they did was wrong.

  3. Isn’t this just a bit ‘Pussy Riot’ with dick and fart gags?
    I wonder what the BBC have to say on this as their Radio 1 Rock Show DJ is the Bloodhound Gang’s guitarist?

  4. Only just finding out about this… I’m going to find a Russian flag and do unspeakable things to it tonight. Come get me.


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