Blood Youth 3

Blood Youth
Manchester Academy 2
17 October 2018

Blood Youth formed in Harrogate 2014, as a five members hardcore punk band. 2015 saw a departure of two members to Neck Deep, while 2016 found the newly established four-piece Blood Youth: Kaya Tarsus, Chris Pritchard, Matt Hollinson and Sam Hallett releasing the band’s second EP, Closure. The band’s debut album, Beyond Repair, was released on Rude Records in 2017. The album bursting with passionate anthemic tracks that boast not only outstanding vocals but some incendiary riffs. Expectations are high as Louder Than War heads to Manchester’s Academy 2 to catch Blood Youth live.

The filling Academy 2 had been well warmed up by Newcastle’s GroundCulture who delivered an energizingly set of melodic yet tight hardcore full of some seriously heavy guitar riffs and a powerful vocal performance from Roy Watson. GroundCulture should certainly be on everyone check these out list right now.

Blood Youth hit the ground running tonight with, their opening track Failure, displaying a visible exuberance and agitated energy. Their visceral melodic hardcore immediately creating a striking presence in the air hanger blankness of Academy 2. As Kaya Tarsus completed the inaugural verse, “We are living our life from the ground up,” it was clear that Blood Youth would be providing some generously gut-wrenching and authentic hardcore. The audience either already enchanted or newly entranced took quickly to Blood Youth’s darkly tinged tracks and showed it with plenty of vigour in the crowd both physically and vocally.

Blood Youth Manchester 2

There is much that stands out with Blood Youth. There is a chaotic rawness to the guitar riffs and emotionally tempestuous lyrics with attuned vocals and a high-octane rhythm. These attributes rather than conflictingly work in unison making each emotive riff, catchy hook and crushing breakdown sound unique and fresh.

Blood Youth Manchester 4

Tonights set included tracks from Beyond Repair, such as Parasite, alongside more from the Inside My Head EP which gave the audience the chance to sing back the lyrics and showed off the variety in the bands growing catalogue. Blood Youth provided a memorable, multi-toned set that is, as so often the case, over too soon.

Stay up to date with Blood Youth tour dates, releases and other news via their official website, Facebook Page and through Twitter from where they Tweet as @bloodyouthUK.


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