Friday, April 16, 2021
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Is Goth dead? State of the goth nation 2012 – by Martin Old Goth

is Goth dead...the state of the Goth nation 2011

Trish Keenan, Broadcast vocalist. RIP

The sad death of from Broadcast vocalist, Trish Keenan, from Pneumonia at the age 42 comes as a shock. The band, who had operated at the fringes of the music scene, were underground heroes and popular on the ATP circuit of experimental post pop.

Link Wray, a brief appreciation – by Ian Johnston

Neil Young has been quoted as saying: "If I could go back in time and see any band, it would be Link Wray and the Raymen." I would have to concur.

Is Nick Cave really the Devil? – by Simon Bowcock

How would the Devil appear if he walked among us? How about male, tall, very pale skin, very black hair, in extremely snappy and slightly gothic clothes? How about ridiculously talented and unable to keep a low profile, seeking the adulation of humankind? In summary, he might appear something like Nick Cave.

Oh Brother! New band Brother are dividing opinion – what do you think?

Oh Brother! New band Brother are dividing opinion-what do you think?

Too old for TV – the strange case of disappearing female presenters

Why does the Corporation presume that we watch Countryfile for, er, sex appeal?

The government wants you to be ‘nice’ Lucy Cage doesn’t agree…

The government wants you to be 'nice' Lucy Cage doesn't agree...

From The Dancefloor – Sapna Sanghvi on Toddla T collaboration

From The Dancefloor - Sapna Sanghvi on Toddla T collaboration with Roska

Mick Karn obituary – by John Robb

John Robb pays tribute to Mick Karn, who was one of the most distinctive bass players of his generation

New Blood 12: The Watchers

new band 12... The Watchers make darkly progressive indie rock that's been grabbing lots of attention on their native North East and are about to do the Charlatans tour. Cath Aubergine reports,

Shellac, Factory Floor live review from London – by Alan Holmes

Shellac are one of the greatest bands in the world. Their occasional gigs are awe inspiring. Luckily Alan Holmes was there to report back on one of them for Louder Than War.

NH7 is India’s newest and most ambitious rock festival, review – by Karan Pradhan

NH7 is India's first multi ethnic rock festival, the first three-day multi-music festival to be held in India


Louder Than War Clothing



Veik: Surrounding Structures – album review

Veik: Surrounding Structures (Fuzz Club) LP | DL Out 30th April 2021 Veik's new album, Surrounding Structures, is...

Sex Gang Children: Oligarch – album review

Sex Gang Children: Oligarch (Liberation London) CD/DL/Stream Out 23 April 2021   Original goths Sex Gang Children...

Paul and Linda McCartney ‘Ram’ : album review

Defying rock’s dated notion of cool, Macca McFab’s second post Beatles outing really stands the test of time with its melodic, playful and cleverly  stripped down songs predating indie lo-fi by decades. 

Philip Goth (Felice Brothers) Announces Debut Single – news

The ever-reliable Team Love Records have announced the release of the debut solo record...

Lady Dan: I Am The Prophet – album review

Lady Dan: I Am The Prophet (Earth Libraries) Out 23rd April 2021 LP| CD | DL and...