Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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From the Dancefloor 2 – by Sapna Sanghvi

Inna di Dancehall I'm not entirely sure how this happened to an indie kid from Ashton-under-Lyne raised on Oasis and The Jam, but over...

I wandered lonely as a Baile Funk fan – by Sapna Sanghvi

I Wandered Lonely as a Baile Funk Fan”¦ check Baile funk out on Youtube One of the first conversations I ever had with John was on...

Frank Turner – by Danny Watson

I've seen pensioners pushed aside by school kids. I've seen an ambulance in Upminster cut up by boy racers in the car mummy and daddy have bought them.

Aki from Fun Da Mental reports from Pakistan

As we traveled towards Noshera again, I reflected what I had seen on the previous visit to villages around Ahmanabad a few days before, it was about the worst the floods could get really, what else could water destroy?

Begging For Pussy With George Clinton – by Stevie Chick

“We were supposed to perform on the space station, in 2005,” he promises. “We were ready to go and everything… Zero-gravity funk… Anti-matter music…”

The Charlatans – by Dennis and Lois from NYC

We don't really believe too much in jinxes. If anyone or thing could change our mind it's The Charlatans.

2 7²s Clash, part 1 of an epic diary of the punk years – by Mick Middles

Two Sevens Clash (Adventures in Manchester punk, 1977, part one) Amid a deadening air; blank concrete slabs, stained by graffiti and mould. A suitable back-drop for...

Back In The garage 2: The Easybeats

The Easybeats - "I'll Make You Happy" August 1966 The Beatles arrived at Sydney, Australia in mid 1964, and five European hoodlum transplants from Leeds,...

Black Sabbath – by Suzanne Moore

getting into Black Sabbath...

The Fall – by Zoe Howe

“It was deep love for The Fall that set me on the road that led to the anarchic Scottish ballet dancer Michael Clark. It was only a few years ago, and it was sort of by accident.

Garth Cartwright – by Cathi Unsworth

High Plains Drifter: Garth Cartwright by Cathi Unsworth. ”˜The soul of the US has been beaten black and blue, but I found plenty of it via...

Manic Street Preachers by Ben Myers

If you like this please Tweet it, Facebook it or leave a comment http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share Richey Edwards: the last great rock star by Ben...





“Tsoi. The Summer Won’t be Over” – K-Gallery, St. Petersburg

With the title playing around the name of his legendary song “The Summer Will...

Crystal Axis: Take The Throne — single review

Crystal Axis Take the Throne Out Now The commanding anticolonial punk rockers out of Nairobi are generating...

Blondie announce UK Tour 2021

We are excited to announce that legendary New Yorkers Blondie are to tour...

The Sunny Smiles Three: Fireman Spaceman Mermaid – album review

The Sunny Smiles Three: Fireman Spaceman Mermaid  FR Records CD/download Out on November 2 2020 When...

Aemong: Crimson – Album Review

Album Review Aemong: Crimson  (Diskotopia) DL only Out Now It's Berlin-based and it's noise-pop and it's no-wave but...