Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Sucker Punch – film review

Could whacky Zack (300/Watchmen) Snyder\'s latest cranked up celluloid atrocity extravaganza mark the death knell for intelligible and intelligent American mainstream cinema?

The Strokes new album – a fan ponders

or a Brief Musical History of The Strokes: “Is This It” - “Angles”

The anti cuts march ‘riot’ – an eye witness report

'There is an alternative and we\'ll do whatever it takes to get it.'

After The Anti Cuts March – Complaints and Complicity

The people who throw paintballs and smash windows are not “mindless yobs”

Beauty and the Beast that is Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Queen Nefertiti would so be in a bra war with Megan Fox.

Homophobia in football

Football rivalries run deep, and none is stronger than the local derby. For those fanatical supporters these games become life and death, a week...

Have TV talent shows made us evil?

Rebecca black incites mare hatred than an evil dictator...are we all going a bit mad?

The anti cuts march in london will be an ‘orgy of violence’, according to Toby Young

well fed media types sound so out of touch these days don't they?

The death of the 45 – singles RIP

Mercury records signal the end of the single...

Greenwashers – Bradford International Film Festival

If you live on Earth, and are a big fan of \'being alive\' and \'not being a massive polluting bastard\' then this is essential viewing

Black Flag, the early days – a book extract

from Stevie Chick's fantastic 'spraypaint the walls'





You’re A Face: Bold Glum – album review

You're a Face: Bold Glum (self-released) DL 23rd March 2020 9/10 Bold Glum is the 10th album...

LISTEN! Ed Blaney new single ‘Othello’ : it’s brilliant and bonkers

I've played it ten times in a row and it doesnt lose an ounce of its mystery and its directness or its powerful poetry or its power from its pounding drums and massive northern psych stained chorus

Laundromat: Slow Clap – Single Review

Brighton based Laundromat release their second track in advance of their debut EP.

Lester Square & Craig Gannon: Cuts EP Review

Lester Square & Craig Gannon Cuts EP (Self-released) DL/Streaming Released: April 1st, 2020 7/10 Square and Gannon...

The Spitfires: (Just Won’t) Keep Me Down – Single Review

The aptly named Watford based outfit The Spitfires return with a new spiky tune.