Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Why mainstream indie bands should disband after two albums

Why mainstream indie bands should disband after two albums Remember the excitement when a fresh-faced Sheffield foursome called Arctic Monkeys burst onto the scene with...

Top 10 sci-fi films

Top 10 great Science Fiction Films The ten Science Fiction titles listed below are all available in the UK on DVD. These are just a...

The day we said goodbye to John

A year ago this weekend, something special happened in Newport.

Animal Kingdom- film review- by Ian Johnston

If you like this please Tweet it, Facebook it or leave a comment ANIMAL KINGDOM is a tough and gritty new Australian film...

New bands to listen to July 2011

another list of key new talent for you...

In defense of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

What do you think? Comments now!

NOFX to release new album

NOFX, the Californian punk pranksters, return to their roots with a new album that will be 9 cover versions of obscure American hardcore songs.

The ultimate guide on where to find new music in a post-Peel world

if you want to hear the cutting edge of all genres then this guide tells you where to find it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers new album cover

What do you think?... Comments please...

Hop Farm Festival: review

Hop Farm Festival July 2011 It's the festival that refuses to suck corporate cock. Stood before us bathed in neon purple floodlights Prince - the pint-sized man...





Spygenius – Man On The Sea – album review

Spygenius - Man On The Sea Big Stir CD/Vinyl/DL Released 10th July 2020 New 17 track double album...

Weedipus: Places To Go – single review

Weedipus Places To Go (self-released) DL/ Stream 8/10 Out Now Andy Brown reviews Places To Go for Louder...

Things we didn’t know a month ago: June 2020

Keith Goldhanger provides a few new tunes that came out during June 2020 that...

David Sanborn: Anything You Want (The Warner-Reprise-Elektra Years 1975-1999) – album review.

David Sanborn- Anything You Want (The Warner-Reprise-Elektra Years 1975-1999) Soul Music Records 3 CD Out July...

The Gist – Interior Windows – album review

  The Gist - Interior Windows Tiny Global Productions CD/DL Released 17 July 2020 The follow up to 2017's...