Monday, March 30, 2020
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Why the music industry hates singing

'The act of singing has been appropriated and professionalised, turned from an expression of participation to one of exclusion'

’30-Day Song Challenge’ – a musical game

Michelle Corbett '30-Day Song Challenge' Japan and its tsunami”¦ the bombing of Libya... anarchist protesters storming the capital”¦ Man, it's tough to know what to sit...

6 reasons why this is the best festival in the world: Primavera – a preview

Tempted? We'll see you down the front for Shellac...

Sucker Punch – film review

Could whacky Zack (300/Watchmen) Snyder\'s latest cranked up celluloid atrocity extravaganza mark the death knell for intelligible and intelligent American mainstream cinema?

The Strokes new album – a fan ponders

or a Brief Musical History of The Strokes: “Is This It” - “Angles”

The anti cuts march ‘riot’ – an eye witness report

'There is an alternative and we\'ll do whatever it takes to get it.'

After The Anti Cuts March – Complaints and Complicity

The people who throw paintballs and smash windows are not “mindless yobs”

Beauty and the Beast that is Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Queen Nefertiti would so be in a bra war with Megan Fox.

Homophobia in football

Football rivalries run deep, and none is stronger than the local derby. For those fanatical supporters these games become life and death, a week...

Have TV talent shows made us evil?

Rebecca black incites mare hatred than an evil dictator...are we all going a bit mad?

The anti cuts march in london will be an ‘orgy of violence’, according to Toby Young

well fed media types sound so out of touch these days don't they?





Moved to 2021 : An Evening With Peter Hook & The Light “Joy Division : A Celebration: 40 Years”

An Evening With Peter Hook & The Light “Joy Division : A Celebration: 40...

SEODAH announce Delia Derbyshire charity compilation

Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions is a charity compilation released by Wormhole World and curated...

Vic Godard & Subway Sect: Gypsy Woman (Crystal Waters ’91 hit, La-da dee la-da da)

Single Review Vic Godard and Subway Sect - Gypsy Woman  (GNUinc Records) Prior to the release...

Hunter Complex – Dead Calm and Zero Degrees – Review | In a recent interview with his local paper, the Haarlems Dagblad, Lars...

Nine Inch Nails Release Two Free-To-Download Albums

It's been nearly two years since Nine Inch Nails released their last album, Bad...