Thursday, July 16, 2020
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The Past Was Yours, The Future’s Fine – confessions of a Stone Roses veteran fan

The Stone Roses were one of those bands that changed people's lives. In June 1989 Craig McAllister was one a handful of people who saw them play in Glasgow...

10 thoughts on Stone Roses reformation

We look at the latest news and the big debate around the reformation

Was punk closer to X Factor than we would like to admit?

Simon Cowell and malcolm McClaren were closer than we would like to think...

Archive Stone Roses interview from March 1989

Really early Stone Roses interview

Peter Hooton – interview with The Farm frontman and influential music writer ******************************************************************************************************** Passionate Liverpudlian Peter Hooton made his mark as front man in The Farm but it was through the origins of...

Manchester film night- clips from great young northern film makers Hosting the monthly Manchester film night gives me the oppertunity to see some great local talent. Manchester has a great up and coming...

Magazine: interview with Howard Devoto about their brilliant new album *********************************************************************************************** Magazine have a new album, 'No Thyself' due soon. It could be their best release yet. Breaking all the rules the band...

Stone Roses- an oral history of the early days

the band talk about the early days of the Stone Roses

Smiths to reform? and other reunion rumours…

we look at Smiths reform rumours and other Manc legends...

Odd Future- genius hip hop crew or dodgy lyrics

"Genius or fools or both? Odd Future make the most groundbreaking hip hop since Wu Tang Clan"]

Notes on the Stone Roses press conference and some extra stuff

Some extra info from beyond the Stone Roses press conference...

John Robb meets Ian Brown ahead of Stone Roses press conference

John Robb meets Ian brown ahead of todays historic news conference





Various Artists – Super Sonics – ’40 Junkshop Britpop Greats’ album review

Various Artists - Super Sonics RPM 2CD/DL Released 17 July 2020 Subtitled "Martin Green Presents 40 Junkshop Britpop...

Marilyn Manson teases new album on his instagram

The brilliant twisted genius of Marilyn Manson seems to be returning to the frontline. Just when we needed a twisted heavy album full of intelligent provocation to unwrap and wallow in the

Asylums: Genetic Cabaret: album review

Wayne Carey has a blast of Brit soaked grunge from the Southend's Asylums.

Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe – The Devil Laughs – album review

  Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe - The Devil Laughs Tiny Global Productions CD/DL Released 17 July 2020 Two...

The Clockworks explain their brilliant kitchen sink post punk to John Robb

Distant relatives of the IDLES, Fontaines DC axis of 21st century incendiary guitar, the band are making their own headway and sound increasingly vital as John Robb finds out in this lockdown interview.