bleek noir

Bleek Noir

Last Night I Saw Myself With The Animals (And The Animals Ate Themselves)

the Halloween single

Released 31 October 2017

What started life as a poem evolves into a perfectly timed, grand Gothic piece of  avant garde, bizarre noir from Christopher Fox’s Bleek Noir persona.

Reasonably hot on the heels of Fresh Born Animal EP (reviewed here), comes the Bleek Noir take on Halloween; the new single that packs in enough evidence of the strange and outlandish in a downloadable trick or treat complete with  accompanying e-book. Essentially a big poem, gathering together imagery, handwritten  notes and insights from the imagination of Bleek Noir in an attempt to…well, even the man himself isn’t quite so sure.

The latest in the line of  several planned new single releases, the music video for Last Night I Saw Myself With The Animals (And The Animals Ate Themselves) recently appeared as a teaser for the single which is   available for download on October 31. The  single is accompanied by the launch of a new E-book, which is essentially the poem itself with artefacts, handwritten notes  and insights from the writer, that allows the opportunity to dig deeper into the Bleek Noir psyche.

Speaking of the impetus and inspiration for the new song, Christopher Fox Esq has commented that “it was in another review that the writer was almost certain there’d be a Halloween release. It honestly hadn’t crossed my mind…” but as he continues, “if you wanna be king of the goths…”

Music and film come together in nightmarish visions with a soundtrack that waltzes crazily through a carnival-like chamber of horrors. A modern rendering of the ilk that bred Dylan’s Desolation Row, packed with freakish, disturbing sounds and images, the type often inspired by some hallucinogenic substance. As a traumatic episode plays out, beasts stampede and devour one another, spleens are torn out and hands sneak under dresses. Bleek Noir is slowly emerging with a reputation for displaying an aptitude for a  sense of the  absurd.

While posing the questions – Does it need a hook? Will it hold attention without a chorus? – the thought arises, does it really matter? The Bleek Noir evolution continues its curiously demented reverie.

watch the video for Last Night I Saw Myself…. if you dare

the more timid can listen and download from Soundcloud on release date…

The Bleek Noir website

You can also find more on Facebook and Twitter


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