Blanks: Sweaters – Single Review

Having made the jump from YouTube sensation to fully fledged recording artist, Blanks has reaped the benefits of his sunny, optimistic outlook by crafting critically acclaimed pop bangers, gaining nods of appreciation from the likes of Post Malone. His latest single, Sweaters, is a wonderful continuation of his catchy, upbeat discography. It also provides a positive outlook on the current situation we find ourselves in.

With lyrics highlighting the benefit of throwing on your comfiest clothes and spending the night on the couch binging your favourite show, Sweaters makes for a great quarantine guide. The track was initially inspired by a night at a dismal party. However, its themes makes for a great addition to your lockdown playlist.

On top of it’s grade-A lyrics, the single’s overall production and instrumentation highlights a gifted artist growing in confidence. Sweaters reflects the current generation’s proclivity for taking old sounds and styles and remoulding them with a modern edge. It also makes great use of washy 80s synths and echoing guitars to create a relaxed, languid soundscape. Blanks reveals himself to be a gifted vocalist, regularly switching between a laid back conversational tone and a swooning falsetto, adding to the single’s sunny vibes.

So if you’re looking for something that’s going to take your mind off the current state we’re all in… this isn’t what you’re after. But if you want a catchy, melodic slice of indie-pop fun that’ll make your situation just that bit easier, you can’t go wrong with Sweaters.

Stream Sweaters online here.

All words by Jack Murphy. Find his author archive here.

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