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Blacklisters Adult Album CoverBlacklisters – Adult (Smalltown America)

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Out: 16 September


Unrivalled in ungodly, ugly, unappealing noise-rock Blacklisters make an awful racket. Louder Than War subjected Bru to their noise. He then tried to write some words to describe how this has affected him before his inevitable breakdown…

To show they’re not messing around, Blacklisters fire up their second album with lead single Shirts. It’s a corrosive mess that will leave you broken. Do not adjust your set. This is intentionally. Blacklisters are here to fuck shit up.

The video for said single was shot by half of Leeds’s finest noise-niks Pulled Apart By Horses and the menacing overtones are reminiscent of their first low-fi music video, I Punched A Lion In The Throat, in the way it looks like DIY-footage-gone-wrong.

What brought this pairing together besides being part of the noise-rock scene up north? Probably Tom Hudson’s love of American band Pissed Jeans. Blacklisters are dripping in the I-DON’T-GIVE-A-FUCK that is part of the appeal and unappealing nature of Pissed Jeans.

It is safe to say Blacklisters will not be loved universally, although they might become universally feared if they push themselves into enough faces in clubs around Europe. The abrasive nature of the riffs that fuel songs such as Big Ticker and I Knock Myself Out will bowl you over. Oh, and Power Ballad, fuck me! Brutal.

Weasel Bastard is a creeping menace that follows you around. Persistent, bothering and unsettling it refuses to release you from the madness-inducing repetition.

With this new arsenal of sickening slabs of full throttle throwdowns Blacklisters will enhance their reputation as one of the most antagonistic bands out there, or perhaps not out there, just lurking in the shadows of a cave waiting for darkness to fall before they come out to pounce, claw you in and punish your head with mutilated music from hell.

I am fearful of what their live show will become. Stand up guys to meet in person, when they get on that stage though, I don’t know…see me watching with one eye covered. Perhaps only a reformed Daughters could match them pound-for-pound with their brand of scary, deranged and debauched musical deformity.

Thanks be to your gods that Blacklisters have not grown up, matured or tip-toed around with their second album. They are far from Adult.

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All words by Bruce Cousins whose Louder Than War author’s archive can be found here.

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