Black Moth are about to release a debut album, and if it’s anything like their first single, you should probably brace for impact, reckons Lucy Holt

Black Moth to release debut album…
I'll be honest, the album cover tells you everything you need to know

The single in question, ”ËœSpit out Your Teeth’, is a musical punch in the face. It essentially opens with a couple of bars of Paranoid Android, but it’s packed with spiky riffs and topped off with a 90’s Riot Grrrl drawl. The predominantly female outfit, fronted by Harriet Hyde, could and probably will, be compared to Joan Jett or her more recent reincarnation; Alison Mossheart, but that would quite frankly be laziness. It’s wrong to assume that Black Moth are a “we’re girl’s and we sing about being angry” kind of band. Their songs are 4 minute long, impassioned assaults on the eardrums, regardless of whether they possess the Y chromosome or not.

The Leedsian four-piece possess a gothic quality, present in the eerie introduction to ”ËœBlind Faith’, sounding like a ghostly fairground or the soundtrack to nightmares about clowns and the hall of mirrors. It then blurs out into something altogether darker and more sinister, with lyrics torn from the pages of a Victorian gothic novel or a voodoo incantation, delivered with a slice of malice. ”ËœThe Articulate Dead’ is way more chaotic, and digs up their roots as a punk band. It features a frantic guitar solo and elements of pounding metal, sampling some Dracula-friendly haunting organs. That’s the piano, not the vital variety.

Looking past the sonic vacuum that is the festive period, with only Cliff and The X Factor victim winner as tumbleweeds on the barren expanse of musical horizon, their debut album is set to arrive in early 2012. It coincides nicely with the end of the Mayan calendar, which is fitting considering their music’s apocalyptic undertones. The recent recruits to the New Heavy Sounds label are featuring on the NHS compilation (insert something witty about it needing to come with a health warning). Jim Scalvunos of Grinderman is producing, and evidently they’re not big on publicity. The band page doesn’t shed much light on the set up, other than some *ahem* brilliant moth related puns (the moth pit, anyone?) The video taster for 2012’s debut album is similarly enigmatic. It’s a tantalising compendium of the history of rock music, torn apart and reassembled in the cauldron that is Black Moth, like some kind of musical Frankenstein’s monster.

Keep an eye out for Black Moth next year. Your eardrums might not thank you, but they’re the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world.

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