Black Lives Matter is 2020’s Hope by Caffi St Luce ‘I’m a Black British Punk who sees that BLM is a future’Black Lives Matter is 2020’s Hope. 

On May 26th, on stunned auto pilot, I posted “RIP George Floyd” with the video for ‘ICB (I Can’t Breathe) Blues’ by The Blinders. I turned to music. The song is inspired by the tragedy of horticulturalist, Eric Garner, killed by racist police brutality in 2014. I was too stunned to comprehend how such horrorism could be repeated in 2020’s sadistic, gloating, public murder.

A fortnight of Armageddon later, our collective mental health is a yoyo of emotions. The Establishment’s Empire continues a stress onslaught. Innocent lives are still lost to corrupt evil. Who polices the police when white supremacists are emboldened by that cowardly TangoHitler. Everybody knows about AmeriKKKa, God Damn.

Mississippi Goddam performed live by Nina Simone

Black Lives Matter mean better tomorrows for all lives. It’s OK to feel uncomfortable right now, to unlearn and relearn. Despite propaganda’s daily lies to divide us (and the outing of actual racists), more people are starting to see clearly.



‘All You Fascists Bound To Lose’ by  Woody Guthrie


I’m a Black British Punk. I’ve  lived in this skin for decades and been lucky to never feel out of place at gigs. I’m not a token, I’m a rocker. Much modern music is MOBO.  The term “Ethnic Minority” sounds, (to inbreds)  like there’s something minor about being ethnic. Sod off with that “grades of human” bullshit, and grow up. Then, let’s make a song and dance for our wellbeing. Preferably noisy!

Punk Life! I’m gifted a global heritage of extended family friendship. Many are artists whose talent has spawned incredible results despite the odds. Over the years, rebel songs become truths. We have always had to fight for what’s right, raging against “the machine”. It will happen with these new talents of NOW.
It’s needed. The dystopian “austerity” heist, Hostile Environment, Climate Emergency, pandemic and crippling poverty of the last decade are mental health hell. Music can  help. It’s part of the non elite “play” industries that “government” can’t be arsed to look after, which have been essential in lockdown. 

Rebel rock soundtracks from no/low profile artists are genuine diamonds. I’m in awe of their aural escapism and ambition. Their integrity is integral. They’re not taking a Black Lives Matter stand for some kind of public image! This unity is louder than the wars that the establishment tries daily to start (sometimes succeeding, we are consistently trolled!).

These courageous artists are a grassroots venue gateway to a vital galaxy of movements. They were the soothing voices of support for the sad and scared after “election” night. They are now the powerful poetic souls supporting #BlackLivesMatter in any way they can. You know you who you are. We see you. I love you, man.

Upstarts singing songs of NOW and future are among achievements that have literally influenced the history lessons of angels being born today. Despite everything awful we are  living through, the last couple of years have glimpsed hope. (Unlike racists, who are a shallow shitshow. Imagine caring more for a statue which celebrate wickedness, than actual humans.  If not calling bigots out, for the sake of sanity, we can at least unfollow and unfriend them). Instead, support people who are willing to learn rather than to incite hatred and it’s dangers.
Feeling at ease, and safe in gigs is self care. The diverse, charity hearted, newer wave scenes are an interdependent alliance that’s part of bigger pictures. 2020’s sorrow has appalled, angered but also mobilised good souls. Keep going, Friends. Black Lives Matter is where the future that looks after all lives, is at. Who knows what will happen next, but WHAT tunes and possibilities on that journey!
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  1. If black lives matter is the future…why has the phrase “All Lives Matter” been so denigrated?

    • Because you don’t expect someone to show up at the funeral of your dead child and say “my dead child mattered too”
      Right now, in this moment, let’s focus on this. Let’s try and end systemic racism. Hopefully then when everyone respects one another, lifts each other up, we won’t still have to say All Lives Matter.

  2. A seemingly well-meaning but ultimately shallow polemic. It’s quite apparent that Black Lives Matter is top-down “rebellion” promoted, openly funded and supported by billionaire oligarchs, multi-national companies and global tech-giants, quite plausibly in an effort to dismantle traditional social structures which presumably they see as obstacles in furthering their reach in the market place. With the weight of the entire Culture Industry and mass media on board, it’s no surprise that artists and performers have to pay lip-service to supporting this movement. Indeed, its quasi-religious cult qualities have many people anxious about being ostracised from the community of “believers”.

    While the Black community – indeed, everybody- has every reason to be angry about the tragic George Floyd event, these “spontaneous” uprisings seems to be heavily orchestrated by sinister, (mainly) white and middle-class “antifa” operatives who are obviously taking a break from bullying people into goose-stepping in line with the newly imposed moral orthodoxy to seriously inflame the situation – often with the compliance of a lot of the State Apparatus (law enforcement etc.) The serious social disorder emanating from protests has claimed the lives of nearly 20 people – the majority of whom are People of Colour (don’t their lives matter, too?)

    I fear the outcome of the BLM movement can only be the unfolding of a divisive, racially-based identity politics that will be to the detriment of everybody both in the USA……and here in the UK.

    I know it’s become something of a cliché now, but ALL lives matter.

    • I’m not sure which of the points above you require “proof” of, or which parts of my comment – especially when considered in terms of the context and general tone of the original article – you accuse of being a “rant”. Nor am I sure why you haven’t asked for “proof” of the some of the more fanciful assertions made by Caffy St Luce.

      However, in terms of my main point, a simple search engine enquiry will provide specific examples of billionaire oligarchs, major banks and multi-national companies openly and overtly supporting and funding Black Lives Matter (either corporately or via CEO/high ranking board members as official spokespeople). E.g. Jeff Bezos/Amazon, Apple, Nike, Sony, Warner, Bill Gates/Microsoft, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs etc. etc. Indeed, according to the Financial Times between $200 and $300 million has been donated to BLM and associated groups by big business since the broadcasting of the tragic George Floyd event. More tellingly, tech giants like Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Google and its many subsidiaries etc. are all firmly “on board” with the agenda, thus influencing – both subtly and not so subtly – how the general public perceive this movement.

      Once this has been understood, everything else falls into place really.

      I’m certainly at a loss to find any major corporate entity in either the financial, commercial, or technological spheres that has come out publicly against this supposed “revolutionary” movement. Maybe you can help me, Jill?

      In terms of the Culture Industry and mass media – as we know, any dissenting voice will immediately come into the cross-hairs of the “cancel culture”. Thus, the pitiful sight of “celebrities” and performers in all artistic fields desperate to signal their conformity to received Articles of Faith and the implied, (but very real), power that lurks in the background underpinning them. (Although some of them are probably so used to self-policing even their own thoughts that they actually are sincere in their adherence to the prevailing dogmas).

      As for the “quasi-religious” cult nature of BLM, mere observation of its adherents’ ritualistic and herd-like behaviour is, I think, adequate verification of this point.

      As for my final statement – ALL lives do matter. Prove otherwise if you can, Jill…..but ethically, please.


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