Black Flag

Black Flag

The first new Black Flag track for 23 years was released overnight & we want your verdict. Scroll down for a link to grab it as a free download then some back to us & we’ll discuss!

As we reported earlier in the year Black Flag have not only reunited but have a new 22 track album in the pipeline, coming out on SST. The band feature Greg Ginn on guitar, Reyes on vocals, Gregory Moore on drums and “Dale Nixon” on bass and overnight they unleashed onto an expectant world the first new music by the band since 1990.

A long wait, but has is it been worth it? Weeeeeeeell, lets say we’ll leave that up to you to decide but the word on the street (or on twitter anyway) is that it’s not great. In fact it’s pretty much getting savaged with some people bemoaning the fact that they’ve sullied the band’s name & others booking lazer surgery to have the bands iconic “bars logo” tattoo removed from their chests.

Personally I think people are being a bit harsh & frankly if they’d had the good sense to NOT name their band Black Flag the general verdict would’ve been better. But as we all know Black Flag hold a very special place in all their fans hearts & to come back 22 years later the music would have had to have been phenomenal for Black Flag’s fanbase to accept it let alone actually like it!

The track isn’t available for public streaming at the moment so if you want to grab a listen (for curiosity’s sake of course) you’ll have to go HERE & part with your email address.

In further Black Flag news the band had this to say about the “other” new Black Flag band “Flag” (featuring Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton) which we reported about here saying of them that their band Flag are…

“…not to be confused with the ‘fake’ Flag band currently covering the songs of BLACK FLAG in an embarrassingly weak “mailing it in” fashion*** We urge you to check out the real BLACK FLAG when they hit your area.”

Anyway, go away, have a listen & come back & tell us what you think. Are people being harsh or is the slating they’re receiving justified?

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  1. Other than Ginn and Reyes, its not really Black Flag is it? If say Chuck Biscuits and Kira were on board, Ginn could have a legitimate moan at the other version. And the tune is crap!

  2. It really is a crap song. I know Ginn started the band, but he needs to stop pretending that no one else contributed to their sound. This song just proves who brought the intensity to Black Flag, and it’s not him. If he didn’t use the name Black Flag, this might have been received more favorably.


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