Bjork just premiered the majestic and quite brilliant new video for the track Lionsong, the first to appear from her recent, rush released album Vulnicura. 

With the track itself wrought in the seemingly endless strain and brooding fire cum anger of the pre-break (the sub-title for the song is “5 months before”, signifying that this song was written 5 months before the break up of the relationship between Björk and Matthew Barney) the video had to be pretty special to encapsulate that – which it is.

The video is made by Björk in conjunction with Inez & Vinoodh and UK based, multi Oscar winning visual effects production house Framestore who came very much to a lot of people’s attentions thank’s to their eye-popping work on the film Gravity.

From the Youtube description:

The video was created in collaboration between Björk, Inez & Vinoodh and visual effects production house Framestore. Framestore created two main effects in the stars and the glowing embers that surround Björk, as well as enhancing the video’s other-worldliness by extending her legs to unnatural proportions. The exquisite coloring for the piece was done by Tim Masick Of Company 3, turning her into the exotic, red-toothed, bronze dancer.

Read John Robb’s review of Vulnicura here.

The album is available now on cd and vinyl:
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