Swedish pop puppet Vendela releases a single about punk… does she know what it is?

Observe some great/weird lyrics as she attempts to dissect the history of punk in a pop song.

Is this so dumb that it’s genius?



  1. Will anyone understand the lyrics – regardless of their age? It’s dire – though all you would expect from a Disney creation.
    Dumb can be genius; The Ramones proved just that. This is just dumb, she hasn’t got a clue what she is singing about, she couldn’t draw a straight line let alone influence from Patti Smith!

  2. agree with the above. just dumb. irritatingly dumb.
    and the saddest thing is that a whole country apparently supports her. this is the MASS, and what MASS media feed us with. sad indeed.
    what do these people know about punk?
    singing about punk, dressed up as cheryl cole, in a stadium packed with people. here is another example of the paradoxes of mass market culture.

    i see more cultural value in lady gaga and britney, as far as i’m concerned.

    and i believe that when britney speaks got crazy and shaved her head she reached some peaks of punkness that even the ramones would be proud of ha!

  3. Oh my god.
    Jaw dropping stuff.
    Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    Maybe the Rebellion DJs should play this at Blackpool this year, just to see people’s reactions

  4. Did it scare the hell out of anyone when they had the black and white shot where she turns around but played in reverse?

    at 1:27



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