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Biscuit Mouth – Hot Change


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I don’t know much about Biscuit mouth. They appeared on my Facebook timeline one day and were linked (six degrees of separation wise) to the burgeoning noise scene in Derby via Pet Crow via Unqualified Nurse Band. Well, having been exposed to Pet Crow, and the rotten noise that Unqualified Nurse Band make, then two out of three aint bad! And it wasn’t! This third made the perfect noisy circle.

And what an almighty noise (for a two piece!) Biscuit Mouth make! First track ‘Kenneth the lampooner’ has buzz guitar aplenty and the yelping, almost rockabilly vocals seem to channel and almost resurrect Lux Interior from his premature slumber. Throbbing distorted bass heavy guitar combine with the spasmodic drumming to create a heavy as fuck opening.

‘I like it because i am young’ follows quickly and the layers and layers of noisy guitar and punctuated (distorted) staccato vocals at times drown out the driving rhythm of the drums.

‘Test yourself cheaper’ is a highlight of the LP and perfectly frames the singer’s pained, almost preacher like vocals. These blasts of prose are punctuated with corrosive mutated guitar that two thirds of the way through slow down to a dramatic stop… only to start up again and finish the track with layered noise.

‘A very pleasant night’ is a slow burning track that is ultimately disturbing with it’s pained vocals. Across it’s 5+ minutes, the listener is taken on an unpleasant journey through the cacophonic noise and pounding drums. Half way through a complete change of tempo happens and you are suddenly thrown into a cauldron of threadbare vocals, caustic noise and pounding drums.

‘Horse Story’ starts again with the preacher esque vocals proclaiming what is going to happen during this track. It is slow and burning. It is measured and very reminiscent of Shellac’s delivery.

‘It’s not for everyone’ is chaotic and has unpleasant noise and uncomfortable time signatures involved.  It almost feels like a track that has to be experienced and is a calling card for this band. Yeah probably one of the stand out tracks of this LP i have to say.

Final track ‘Ten’ is almost Merzbow in it’s abstract noise execution and the band seem to revel in a well deserved freak-out. A nice end to a deafening album from an interesting stable of bands and a city that keeps on producing these noisy bastards. What are the house prices like in Derby these days i wonder……….

Biscuit Mouth can be found via their Bandcamp and their Facebook.

Words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.

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