Bipolar Sunshine

In the summer of 2012, Kid British supported the Stone Roses at one of the most hotly anticipated gigs of the year in Heaton Park. Within two months they had split up. By November 2012, Adio Marchant was waiting to announce his new project: Bipolar Sunshine. Ged Hawes recently had a chat with him. This is it.

Ged Hawes: Hello Sunshine! Sorry. How’s 2013 started for you?

Adio Marchant: Started really well been sorting a lot of stuff regarding my new project so I can hit the ground running for the new year… basically just recording

GH: The Kid British adventure was pretty good wasn’t it? How come after the Stone Roses gig, which some may have thought could be a further catalyst, you called it a day?

AM: Yeah had a great time with kb still mates with all the lads, yeah we proper buzzed to do the roses gig but even after that we felt like we needed to change musically to basically have the fire to make music. Look out for all the other guys in the band doing solo projects – we will take over one way or the other haha.

GH: Anyways, I remember you tweeting that “Kid British was great but it’s done.” So we’ll move on. Bipolar Sunshine. What’s that all about?

AM: It’s about everything and anything I feel. Wanted to make something that other people can use their own imagination and refer it to their own life in any shape of form they want. Instead of me telling people what it is let them make their minds up themselves.

GH: The coupling of Bipolar and Sunshine to me kinda just means Manchester – the flirting between moods of light and dark, sun and rain. Am I close?

AM: Haha, never looked at it that way. Well it could be if you that’s what makes sense for you… the either or formula always works for me.


GH: Are you Bipolar Sunshine? Is it a group? Is a collection of collaborations?

AM: Yeah, that’s the name I will be going by. I work with a producer called Ola Mudape. The kid is a genius, we just click.

GH: You put up 3 tracks on Soundcloud in November 2011; ‘Fire’, ‘River’ and ‘Blossom’ – is nature important to you or will it be a theme for what’s to come?

AM: Wow, once again, not thought about that way, yeah the natural approach is something that just happens without even thinking about it. Just need to call the rest of my tracks Rain, Wind and Snow maybe, haha. Nah, I just go with what I feel for the titles.

GH: I thought perhaps you were thinking of moving to the US and these would be your kid’s names. There’s a mix of influences across those tracks and various ‘genres’. I think we cycle genres all too quickly nowadays – was it intentional to blend such variety or did it just come through the process of creating the tracks?

AM: Yeah trust me I listen to all sorts, but then again it seems like everybody does these days. It’s just the way we digest music now and I think its great. I find it impossible to listen to one genre of music for more than 30 minutes – I get bored!

GH: The start of ‘Rivers’ makes me think of goal compilations. I don’t think there’s a question here….You strike me as someone who has a pretty good grasp on 3 areas (no particular order): Image, Social Media, Music. Have I missed anything?

AM: Football!

GH: What of those would you give up?

AM: If I had to give up any of them it would be social media…you can’t get rid of music or image, you crazy, haha!


GH: What’s next then? EP? Album? Tour? All of that?

AM: First gunna give this A$AP rocky album another listen, then most probably do a few shows over the next few months, release an EP and just record and enjoy making music, working towards finishing an album.

GH: Fast forward to January 2014 – what’s been a good year for Bipolar Sunshine?

AM: Errm, be in the process of putting my album out, be booked to play most festivals -hopefully ones abroad, especially Holland, love that place for medicinal reason. Also, have a threesome with two runway models, that’s about it…peace.

‘Fire’ was first played on Kiwi FM by Gareth Brooks last November & was picked by XFM’s Eddy Temple Morris as ‘demo of the year 2012’ in his New Years Honours List. It’s had a few plays by Zane Lowe this year and was John Kennedy’s ‘X-posure Big One’ all last week (Feb 18th-22nd) on XFM.

Keep an eye on this artist – if the tracks I’ve heard so far are anything to go by there’s some exciting new sounds coming from Bipolar Sunshine. Keep en eye on the tabloids too for the runway model threesome story around Christmas 2013…

You can find Bipolar Sunshine on Facebook, soundcloud and tumblr.

Interview by Ged Hawes. More writing by Ged on Louder Than War can be found here.

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