Bill Fisher: Mass Hypnosis Front cover artwork

Bill Fisher: Mass Hypnosis Front cover artwork

Bill Fisher: Mass Hypnosis and the Dark Triad (Setaphonic Records)
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29 minutes and 53 seconds is all it takes for this album to knock the wind out of you, pick you up off the ground and nurse you back into its arms before turning around and getting the hell out of here leaving you hankering for more. Much much more.

Gleaming elements from the classic rock and prog genres of yesteryear mashed up together with the modern sounding experimentations of the better side of the current crop of underground artists, Bill Fisher has here created something that perfectly balances the scales with a sound that is all at once so familiar as a welcome old face at a family reunion while simultaneously akin to that of being madly in love in the first throes of new found deeply connected relationship. It takes a minute for the mind to register, but when it all comes crashing together it is totally worth riding its waves and letting them take you far out to sea on their wayward journey.

Bill’s back catalogue of his other bands (Mammothwing, Church of the Cosmic Skull and Dystopian Future Movies respectively) already stand up to the test of time and prove that beyond doubt that here is a musician whose vision and creativity shows that what he is doing is always an extremely well thought out and carefully crafted process to maximise the ultimate in aural pleasure for the diehard and the newcomer alike. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that after that solid body of previous work that this solo outing is just some quick cash generating vanity project, it’s so much than that, and it’s something we should all be very grateful for.

This album is the real deal, no doubt about it, and I can’t praise it highly enough. If you want your horizons broadened and your interests and tastes challenged then this album is as good as any amongst the litany of others that already top the musical tree. It oozes pure sophistication, class, passion and wonder into that little thirty-minute slab and entices you and hopes that we may one day get a second offering, but for now this will do on repeat for a good while yet.

Bill Fisher online:


Track listing:

All Through the Night
Mirror of Tomorrow
The Dark Triad
Days of Old
Message from the Sky
Mass Hypnosis

Words: Rory A Culley 13/09/20
Other reviews from Rory can be found at his author archive.

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  1. I found this album recently through an advert on YouTube and I glad I did. It the best album I have listened too in years, not any bad tracks and I can’t stop listening to it.

    • I feel exactly the same! I found it through an ad on Facebook and an hour later I’d listened to the whole thing on Spotify.

      Without a doubt the best album of the year and probably a lot longer.

  2. Bill’s a genius. Church of the Cosmic Skull are wonderful and this solo album showcases another darker side of him. Highly recommended from me.


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