Betraeus 'Towards The Sun'

Betraeus ‘Towards the Sun’ – EP review
Betraeus 'Towards The Sun'

Betraeus ‘Towards the Sun (Siege of Amida Records)
Available 14th November 2011

Progressive Death Metallers Betraeus, have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2009. Annihilating the New Blood and the Pepsi Max stages at both Bloodstock and Download in the last two years, Betraeus have now been signed with Siege of Amida, and it seems that the only way is up for the Mancunian group.

‘Towards the Sun’ is the debut EP for the band, combining gritty and at times haunting vocals with harsh and blistering guitar riffs. Excellently produced, ‘Towards the Sun’ has found the balance between the melodic and ambient solos that are found in the title song and the brutal onslaught found in other songs such as “Frustrate Recluse.”
‘Towards The Sun’ includes two live tracks taken from the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air festival from 2010 and one edit of the lengthy title track. Ripping the stage apart with Locust and Obsolete, Betraeus take the crowd by storm, showing that not only can they create a great EP, but they are also an amazing band to watch and listen to live, shifting effortlessly between their different styles of music.

Taking influence from bands such as Gojira, Opeth and Decapitated, Betraeus are well on their way to becoming major players in the progressive death metal scene. However, being influenced by these bands doesn’t mean that Betraeus don’t showcase an entirely unique take on this genre. With their ability to mix clean vocals with impressive guitar skills, like those heard in “Blossom into the void” and to then be able to blend progressive death metal with thrashy undertones in “Locust”, Betraeus sure do mean business.
And so they should. Each song on their new Ep shows the talent that the foursome have, combining great musical ability and versatility with eerie yet cutting lyrics and vocals.

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