Bethia Beadman : London Union Chapel : live review ‘baroque brilliance’Beth Beadman

London Union Chapel

Dec 2014

Live Review






If you play the Union Chapel it’s a good idea to fill it.

Bethia Beadman did this twice, first with people (I won’t drop names) and then with her transcendental voice.

Bethia ascends the stage in a silk pink Kimono, strokes of long dark hair (and little else) and then comes the voice, what a mix – from PJ Harvey to Cat Power to Judy Garland. Judy Garland?!? Random I know- but it works.

Sometimes I wish she just did blues covers. But there would come the rub, as mesmeric a performer as she is, we would lose Bethia the author- the songwriter with a need to make songs of her own. Baroque compositions elevated the chapel, with reminiscence of Fairport Convention and Tim Buckley with a touch of Fantastical English foible. Complex arrangements veer far away from typical folk pop formulas, asking a little more of the audience, but offering a more potent experience.

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