Ben Affleck Is The New Batman -No One Happy- We Look At Top 10 Musicians For The RoleThe internet is full of much teeth gnashing this morning over the announcement that Ben Affleck is the new Batman. Instead of complaining we have compiled a top 10 of musicians that would be better suited to the role.

Mark Smith

The idea of the Fallman in the Batman rubber outfit is astonishing enough, although Brix era Fall saw him almost dressed like that in serval occasions. He could deal with opponents with a rapier wit and introduce sub titles to the screen as he talks in cryptic freak speak.

Henry Rollins

Certainly has the build for Batman and has acted in plenty of stuff in the last few years and seems to know a few Hollywood insiders…we are surprised he wasn’t considered for the role

Ian Brown

In his youth the young Ian Brown walked 8 miles a day to martial arts classes and only just missed his black belt when rock ‘n’ roll took over his life. With celluloid cheekbones and plenty of attitude he could eschew the normal batman gear and shuffle around dealing with Gotham crime with his own magnetic style.

Nick Cave

Mr. Cave certainly has the presence to pull off the role and would look great in a cape – like a debonair take on the dark side of the dark knight but would possibly look more evil than any baddie they could conjure up

Iggy Pop

Well he is made out of rubber so that would save on any wardrobe bills and he can still bounce around like a twitching maniac…

Bill Oddie

Well he could identify lots of bats and isn’t that busy at the moment.

Keef Rchards

Keef is indestructible which helps in a role like this and he won’t have to bother his sore hand by playing guitar anymore.

Mick Jagger

Meanwhile his bandmate Mick jagger is freakishly the fittest 70 year old in the world and has been wearing a cape at recent Stones gigs…albeit a furry demonic one.


They do retain a certain cartoon element and maybe between them could rustle up one member and one outfit perfect for the role.

Eric Cantona

Not strictly a musician although we did see him sing Clash songs onstage with Mick Jones last year, he has been acting as well and has a certain charisma, not being able to turn the collar up on his cape may be a deal breaker though…

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