Beckhams angry at Morrissey quip

Photo: Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 by Hayley Taylor.

Morrissey has been at it again. Thank fuck!

There rarely seems to be a month when he has not annoyed someone with a well aimed barb, many of which are far more humourous than they are given credit for and some which need to be said by someone.

In a measure of how Gary Barlow boring mainstream pop culture has become Morrissey’s outbursts are treated as just that, outbursts. Growing up in a generation of exotic and vociferous pop stars Morrissey seems to be the only one left with anything to say.

With a series of merry quips in an interview with Loaded magazine Morrissey hit a lot targets and when he amusingly called the Beckams the ‘Peckhams’ and questioned their celebrity seeking motives it seems to have hit a target with the famous, an actually quite pleasant footballer and his not over talented wife.




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  1. Two words: proof read

  2. i wish that twat morrissey would just shut the fuck up !

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