Beatles album sells for $25 000 dollars on Ebay

Beatles for sale?

Beatles for sale?

Beatles Album Sells For $24k.

A ten-day battle on ebay for a rare signed copy of The Beatles first album “Please Please Me” brought a staggering $24,675, even though the album was never a hit at the time of its release in the states.

The seller stated in his sale, “that this was the album that started it all” signed by all four members in the group (George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon) in 1963.

Because of its early release date plus its rare signatures it makes this album a very rare collectable item.


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  1. Re. “even though the album was never a hit at the time of its release in the states”. In fact, it was never released in the States in this format at all, at least not until a number of years after they’d split when the UK albums were adopted as the official worldwide release programme. Back in the early 60s the Capitol Records release programme in the States meant that they re-packaged all their albums in different formats with different (and fewer) tracks up to and including Revolver in 1966. In the case of “Please Please Me” most of the tracks actually appeared on an album called “Introducing The Beatles” on Vee-Jay Records in early ’64 as Capitol had so little faith in the band that they’d allowed their material to be licensed out to other companies.

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