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    Out 31st January 2020

    Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4


    Aficionados of Creation Records, Beat Hotel, launch their mini-album, Beat Hotel. Six tracks indebted to their heroes that really hit the mark.

    Beat Hotel set out firmly their stall from the off on their debut, self-titled, mini-album. Over the six tracks, they incorporate a wonderful blend of their musical heroes, ones which stamped their indelible mark on the music scene throughout the 80s and 90s. Wisely, they kick it off with one of the strongest of the songs, Feel It. It pulls together the urgency of Jesus & The Mary Chain and the great hook-filled guitar pop of early Teenage Fanclub. The vocals, double-tracked of course, ride along on the fuzzy guitar that drives the song. It’s in the breaks, the spaces between the vocal melody that they drop in simple, more surging, guitar that really nods to Gillespie & co. It ramps up to a great solo to sign off before they come in with Bury It Deep, which draws heavily on the sound of late New Order. The guitars chime with reverb-drenched riffs. On this, singer Paul Pascoe is really channelling Sumner to great effect. The choral backing vocals provide a great lead into an affecting middle-eight.

    Elsewhere they bring in their love for Teenage Fanclub once again, but their more plaintive side. Beat Girl, which opens the second side, is a beautiful meandering sigh with bassist Arash Torabi taking lead vocals duty. The piano and viola add subtle flourishes that rise out of the song at times before dropping back to support the whole essence of it. It’s a great change from the more forceful opening side and works well going into Daddy, I Drown. Opening with a muted chug before breaking into that New Order vocal-sound once again. They close out with Heat Light Fire, which brings back their Mary Chain stylings. It rises through the verse over plucked distortion. The vocals are left to fly in off in their own world and the title references one of their other heroes, Velvet Underground, whose influence spreads out under the whole mini-album.

    On their debut, Beat Hotel have drawn together six great songs that pay a clear debt to their influences. They manage to tread the line between homage and originality well, making their own mark at the same time. It will be interesting how, in the future, they spread this over a full album, but for now, it’s a very strong start for them.

    Listen to Feel It and Beat Girl below:

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    All words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.

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