Pic by Kitty Pearson

Mid July saw the return of Beat-Herder; an unbelievably creative, hand-made festival like no other, situated in the Lancashire countryside. Bringing together different ages, talents, music, all herded together to create one perplexing and immersive vibe by its compact layout.  It doesn’t disappoint.

The intimacy is really one of the main attractions of the festival, especially while watching the artists.  One of the highlights of the weekend for me was seeing the all-girl Manchester rock band (with two drummers) PINS, who played in ‘The Factory’, a nightclub-like building with a cool industrial vibe looking almost like a shipping container.

Pic by Kitty Pearson
Pic by Kitty Pearson

PINS’ performance without a doubt grabbed every single person watching their set, with their full, hypnotic sound radiating around the entire space.  They really did know how to get the audience’s attention and are probably one of my favourite bands at the moment because of that one performance.

Another highlight of the weekend was watching the truly immersive set of Soulwax, with their intriguing techno binaural beats and entrancing stage lighting and Lasers, it’s bound to make anyone have a religious experience.  Also with two drummers, they created a tight and flawless performance that’s hard to forget.

The exceptionally good weather added to an overall different atmosphere compared to the usual British festivals, allowing me to enjoy the fest without the main distraction of rain and mud, which is nice for a change.

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