Beady Eye split- Liam Gallagher tweet

Beady Eye have split according to a tweet by Liam Gallagher…


‘Beady Eye are no longer. Thanks for all your support. LGx’

The band formed from the ashes of Oasis and were not well accepted outside the fervent fan base  but we loved here

Perhaps suffering from the Oasis backlash the band released two fine albums of tripped out pop that would have been critic faves if they had been put out by Temples or one of the great young psych bands.

This leaves the door open for several possibilities including…


1. Oasis to reform…although it looks like Noel is a bit busy at the moment.

2. Ride to reform- the timing would be good and there is an air of unfinished business about the band.

3. Liam to go solo…

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