BBC Trust is running a consultation on the BBC’s music radio output…your chance to have a say!
The BBC cannot be all things to all people- there is a lot of music out there but there are many who feel that whole swathes of music are ignored or reduced to token very late night shows.
Even some of those specialist shows like the punk show have been cut and anything remotely resembling rock has little chance of getting any radio play. The coverage of some ears of music is excellent but anything remotely louder is not played.
Even the so called noisier end of alternative like the recent brilliant Shellac album is only played by Gideon Coe on 6music. Maybe it’s time for some sort of change, maybe the BBC need a new station that plays alternative music and leaves 6music to being an excellent and slightly alt radio two for the people grew up in the 70s and 80s.
The BBC Trust is running a consultation on the BBC’s music radio output… This might be a chance for you and many others to make a few points about the gradual retreat from rock or other areas of music that don’t get the play.
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