how about this then guys and gals...the Savile Row continues....
how about this then guys and gals...the Savile Row continues....
how about this then guys and gals...the Savile Row continues....
how about this then guys and gals…the Savile Row continues….

Initially the person who wrote this story was told by someone from the BBC that there were plans to dump Top Of The Pop featuring Jimmy Savile.

It turns out that they are , apparently, planning to edit Savile out of the shows instead.

So the BBC is not to dump all the Top Of The Pops presented by Jimmy Savile (who is still, somehow, a sir).


As Savilegate digs deeper and deeper the BBC was rumoured to have pulled all the repeats of the iconic TV series that featured the late DJ. Obviously no-one was complaining about this in general but it seemed to be a bit unfair on the bands who were saddled with the rubbish presenter in the first place, so the news that theyprogrammes will be edited instead is welcome.

Whilst they are at it could they edit out all the Smashy and Nicey gurning buffoons whether they were sex offenders or not? It was one of the mini curses of growing up in the seventies having to put up with the terrible presenters who genuinely seemed to believe that they were the most important part of the show.


It would be no loss to have the performance footage of the songs and no presenters atall, there will definitely be nobody complaining if Jimmy Savile was edited from the repeats and not many tears will be shed if they edit out Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmunds and the rest of them.


The other problem is that if they edit Savile out of the footage will they be editing his photo and footage from all the endless news stories about him? And what is going to happen when this scandal starts to stretch away from the currently beleaguered BBC and into the heart of the establishment, will they be editing certain politicians out of footage from the times?

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  1. Will they be scrapping all The John Peel related items too? Talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!

  2. I can understand why but like you say couldn’t they just edit him out? It would save 5 to 10 minutes each programme and if you took out pans people/legs and co you could probably squeeze two shows into 40 minutes

  3. If you seek out the actual BBC quote on this, they say: ‘‘We will no longer show Jimmy Savile presenting Top Of The Pops.”

    So, pretty clearly, the BBC is NOT going to ‘dump’ all episodes of TOTP which feature Jimmy Savile.

    They will simply no longer show Jimmy Savile presenting the programmes. In other words, they will edit him out and keep the music.

    Sure, it’s not a particularly clear statement by the BBC – if they’d actually used a phrase such as ‘edit him out’ their intentions would be instantly obvious. But, with a little bit of brain work, it’s possible to figure out what’s going to happen.

    A couple of days ago, the Daily Mail – which, of course, has long had an anti-BBC agenda and never fails to put the worst possible spin on any BBC story – came up with an article which gives an overview of Savile’s involvement with TOTP, with heavy emphasis on how embarrassing this is for the BBC now. The headline of the piece reads “Now BBC drops Savile’s Pops: Archive episodes are binned by the Corporation”. This, as we have seen, is not the case at all. But that headline seems to have been taken at face value by other news sites all over the web – including LTW.

    In fact, the Daily Mail’s own article does not contain anything to indicate that entire TOTP shows will be discarded. It merely quotes the BBC statement which indicates that Savile alone will end up on the cutting room floor. The headline is deliberately sensationalist – and entirely false.

    See for yourself: httpss://

    So why has Louder Than War grabbed a misleading Daily Mail headline and turned it into an article that is simply a rehash of inaccurate, sensationalist, right-wing tabloid bullshit?

    Shouldn’t we expect a bit more insight from LTW – or at least enough intelligence to read news items properly before churning them around again?

    The notion that if the BBC edits Savile out of his TOTP appearances they would also have to edit him out of news coverage is, frankly, bonkers. The difference between entertainment and news should be obvious, even for the tabloid-wannabes of LTW. The BBC does, in fact have an established procedure for these situations: Jonathan King and Gary Glitter had their appearances on entertainment shows cut, while they continued to crop up in news coverage. That’s obviously the strategy with Savile, too. It really is quite simple when you switch your brain on.

    This piece does not have any particular writer’s name on it. It’s simply billed as being by ‘louderthanwar’. That’s interesting in itself. It suggests that whoever wrote that piece knew it was bollocks – and didn’t want their name associated with it.

    So, it seems Louder Than War is just as willing to embrace sensationalist bullshit as the worst of our tabloids, if it makes for an attention-grabbing story. Anything to bump up the hit rate, eh, John?

    But you know what? I think that’s rather sad.

    I thought LTW was better than that.

  4. it would be interesting if Mr Robb were to provide a retort to the above criticisms and indeed others that have cropped up on LTW recently. We await a possible response.


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