BBC plans to axe the punk show…sign petition nowBBC Radio 1 are proposing to axe The Punk Show from their schedule. It’s the only show on national radio that supports both established and new innovative punk, ska, hardcore etc. Bands like: Goldblade,The Skints, Sonic Boom Six, King Blues, The Grit and many more have benefited from its support.

There’s lots of great things about the BBC but it’s on going Fear Of Rock is not one of them. If anything the punk show was already on to late and wasn’t long enough and didn’t play enough UK based punk rock probably because it was already marginalised into a short slot!

Many bands in this genre are far more than cult bands and need to be heard and a public funded media station has to reflect the music tastes of the people that pay for it and not just play music it thinks ‘young people’ want to hear like on Radio One or the more indie based music on 6music.

Please sign the petition to keep the show on the air.

You can complain directly to the BBC here:


and sign the petition here

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  1. Barely passed as a punk show to be honest. Mostly playing those Fat Wreck/Epitaph punk-lite bastard child of hard rock type bands. Plenty of online underground punk radio to hear some proper underground punk/hardcore. This show won’t be missed. Good riddance.

  2. Didn’t know this existed but sounds like it would be better suited to BBC Radio 6 Music? They’d know what to do with it, give it a better slot and promote it and if it was on there I’d probably know of it by now.

  3. Screw the BBC! they are a fascist organization & British radio is shit. Punks need to find a way to use technology & the Internet, to get their music heard.


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