BBC names 2 DJs to fill it’s famous 10 till 12 ‘John Peel slot’The BBC has named Alice Levine and Phil Taggart as the DJs who will share the 10 till 12 slot on Radio One made famous by John Peel.

The late night show was famous for its eclectic and broad range of music that was quite mind boggling but always thrilling.

The brief now is for ‘new music’ which is quite a wide brief but looks suspiciously narrow and couched in modern marketing terms- new music now seems to be only indie and the kind of indie that in this post Mumford world is like a cuddly old sweater.

There seems to be no space for any kind of rock music and experimental music and music that is at the real frontier no matter how popular has been locked out of anywhere on the BBC.

The 10 till 12 slot was originally offered to Chris Moyles who turned it down which already makes the thinking here seem quite suspect- what Moyles has to do with new music is quite mind boggling. The new team were picked to fit in with Radio One’s new youth policy with Levine being a celebrity entertainment presenter who has worked for MTV and presents Big Brother’s Bit on the Side with Phil Taggart, a Northern Irish broadcaster who made his name presenting the best new music from the province for Radio 1.

The BBC said that the Monday to Thursday programme would be an “energetic mix of specialist and upfront new music”. The slot, previously held by Nick Grimshaw, who left to present the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, will continue to champion “new music”, the BBC said.


What do you think? does it matter any more? in the days of the internet does anyone listen to the radio for ‘new music’? what is ‘new music’ anyway?

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