BBC drops Vic and Bob's 'Shooting Stars'
BBC drops Vic and Bob's 'Shooting Stars'

Everywhere you look the forces of the bland are upon us.

There isn’t that much to watch on the TV unless you like Xfacor/celeb style boredom. If your idea of entertainment is Gary Barlow reading bad put downs from an autocue and you live in fear of wild imagination then you are on the wrong website.

BBC drops Vic and Bob's 'Shooting Stars'
BBC drops Vic and Bob's 'Shooting Stars'

The latest victim in the culture wars is ‘Shooting Stars’, one of the last corners of anarchic madness left on television.

The BBC has “cancelled” Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s surreal panel which started as a 1993 Christmas special running for five series until 1997, with comedian Mark Lamarr as one of the team captains – a position later filled by novelist Will Self.
Other regulars included “big baby” scorer George Dawes, played by Matt Lucas, and team captain “Ulrika Jonsson.

The show was brought back for another run in 2009.

the new was tweeted by Bob Mortimer in a succinct statement “BBC have just cancelled shooting stars”.

A BBC spokeswoman said in a bland and robotic voice “In future there will be less space on BBC Two for comedy/entertainment panel shows so sadly Shooting Stars won’t be returning. We’d like to thank Vic and Bob for everything they’ve brought to the channel over the years.”

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  1. Whether you regard ‘Shooting Stars’ as ‘anarchic’, ‘surrealistic’ or simply gloriously silly, it remained (virtually) a lone beacon of culture flashing away in a dark, reeking sea of corporate ‘comedy’ shit. Stewart Lee will be sunk next; maybe even that leaking lifeboat that is ‘Have I Got News…’ will be towed out into the piss spumed breakers and scuttled. McPanel shows will breed like plague-rats; laughter will be carefully sailed past ‘dangerous’ topics by comedy captains with a proven record of safety. Step forward Rear Admiral Makintwat and his trusty common sidekick, Commander Tokenscouse: “Welcome aboard the SS Tortuous Tedious Anecdote. This is your cuddly comedy captain speaking. Put your imaginations on hold for this comedy cruise of a lifetime, for the rest of your lifetime. There will be NO jumping overboard. The same route will be followed always, and back again. And now, let me tell you a funny story about toasters…”
    And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on ……….

  2. Now that it is a shame – one of the few things on TV that was actually fun to watch, as opposed to not very funny people saying not very funny things on one of the many looky-likey panel shows, to gales of laughter from idiots

  3. Plus this decision has probably been taken by the same group of twerps who decided not to comission a second seris of “The Peter Serafinowicz Show” despite it being funnier than the rest of the BBC’s comedy outfit put together.

  4. Maybe if we were to ‘vote’ for the ‘winners’ at a premium rate, the BBC would keep Vic & Bob???? The only thing worth watching, typical. I’d get rid of the TV altogether but as I can’t seem to be able to listen to or watch anything without a TV license, I’d say, they have us over a barrel.

  5. To be fair watching shooting stars in 2011, felt the same way as watching the blur reunification or Oasis in recent years… A relic of the past that felt out of time, out of place… But yeah I agree that most of the other stuff on is crappy, just don’t think looking back is the way forward

  6. Actually going back to genuinely funny people, good scripts, interesting situations etc would be a good idea from my point of view


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