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BBC – Bovell, Brown & Cobby – ‘Quality Weed’ (Declasse Recordings)

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Bit of a treat for you here as 3 legends – Dennis Bovell (Matumbi, Blackbeard), James Brown (UB40) and Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia, Solid Doctor) deliver a paean to the herb.  Deep and dubby vibes on the original, dub-disco on the remix – both essential and will sound glorious in the summer sun!

Now THAT is what I call a press release – short and sweet and bang on!  This is a song which once you’ve heard it sells itself.  A perfect summer dub-plate.  Dennis Bovells vocal is as deep as a ravine, a growl as low as Lee Marvin on Wandrin’Star and a cheeky lyric with the cheesiest rhymes – whenever-you-wanna and mari-ju-ana, and then plant-the-seed and quality-weeeed!

The production as widescreen and crystal-clear as you’d expect from sound-architect Steve Cobby.  James Brown keeps the beat locked-down.  The remix and instrumental are beauteous things too.

As a song about ganja it ranks with the best, Sinsemilla and Legalize It and is a fabulous piece of 2019 chill-out dub reggae.  A Quality Listen with or without the a quality smoke on the hottest of days or the coolest of nights.

Quality Weed is the feelgood hit of summer 2019.  Avail yourself.

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Dennis Bovell Bandcamp

Steve Cobby Bandcamp


Cannabis -the Facts NHS  and WHO


All words by Ged Babey




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