Bauhaus’s Peter Murphy announces 10th solo album Lion …A month ago Bauhaus’s Peter Murphy announced the release of his 10th solo album Lion. Due out on Monday, June 2nd 2014 we now have more details about it to share with you, along with a viral video and a link to a Pledgemusic campaign for his upcoming live DVD, Mr. Moonlight Tour: 35 Years of Bauhaus, filmed in July 2013 at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.

Produced by Youth (Killing Joke, The Verve), Lion is comprised of 11 tracks that possess an elegant master of tone – bass heavy, stark, shimmering and symphonic. It sustains a heart-in-throat tension from start to finish.

The UK release of Lion includes an exclusive bonus disc, featuring live recordings taken from last year’s Mr Moonlight 35 Years of Bauhaus tour.

About the album:

“Acknowledging the perversity and morbidity of life as a basic fact, Bauhaus’ records and those Murphy has made in his exceptionally fertile solo career have always been unforgiving, singular and totemic. Lion is no exception; down to the minute detail it writhes in angst and screams toward transcendence. The record veritably glowers into being with “Hang Up,” a perfect lead single and the complete obverse of those power-pop songs about hoping for a call back. It sounds like choking feels and is an apt starting point for an album that at each turn attempts to outdo the confines of conventional creative license. The nearly six minutes of “Hang Up” seem to be reaching out of the speakers and sliding through the membranes of the listener’s body and mind, a splendidly visceral opening. The LP it heralds is Murphy’s best in some time, possessing an elegant mastery of tone in which meaning, semblance and truth lay over each other like petrol on water. It reflects an iridescent haze of chemical sunsets and tampered memories.”

A viral video for “Hang Up” recently premiered on The A.V. Club. Watch the video:


In addition to the impending release of Lion, Murphy also launched a PledgeMusic campaign for his upcoming live DVD, Mr. Moonlight Tour: 35 Years of Bauhaus, filmed in July 2013 at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Through this pledge campaign, fans have the opportunity to pre-order the DVD and gain exclusive access to a series of free bonus content and special items. Visit Murphy’s PledgeMusic page for details:

Peter is due to return to tour the UK in the late summer including headlining a stage at the inaugural Alt-Fest in Northamptonshire. Look out for a full tour announcement soon.


Peter Murphy’s website is here: He can also be found on Facebook and he tweets as @petermurphyinfo.

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